Magculture have given food magazine Fire & knives, which we first heard about through the Sunday Best, the once over. The recently launched magazine focuses on the writing as opposed to endless glitzy shots of pretty food – which doesn’t mean it’s not a beautifully designed magazine (it is) – the focus just isn’t on food porn.

According to Magculture: “The magazine was set up by editor Tim  Hayward as an alternative to the mainstream food publishing magazines, and in his editor’s letter he explains that he briefed the writers – mainly professional food critics – to ‘write as an amateur about something you love’. And that’s exactly what we get, a series of random but fascinating pieces that each take a unique aspect of food culture.”

And, to top it all off, a years subscription to this quarterly mag is only £20 – a bargain if we ever saw one. (Fire & Knives)

Take a look at spreads from the magazine after the leap.

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