Where the runway meets the street

BBlessing is preparing a collection of t-shirts as part of their Spring/Summer 2010 collection that pay tribute to the 6th and final season of the “LOST” television series. The t-shirts, designed by Nicholas Kratochvil, will hit stores when “LOST” comes back on the air next week. Each of the seven t-shirts pulls from the show’s story, including “‘Another Life’ – Inspired by Desmond’s line ‘See you in another life, brother'” and “‘Good Vibrations’ – This Beach Boys song is the code that Charlie has to put into the Looking Glass station computer to make contact with Penny.  It’s also the last song he hears before he is grenaded by a kamikaze Russian cyclops and drowns.”

More looks at the “LOST” inspired t-shirts from BBlessing after the click.

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