01. NYC Transit Museum

“Went to the Transit museum last sunday…It’s a shame they will never embrace graffiti but still worth checking out. Fun for fiends and families alike.” (12ozprophet)

02. This Saturday Night : Hey I Know That Guy

“Saturday (6pm-10pm) night at the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville. The exhibit is a group portraiture show curated by the snowproject.org entitled: “Hey I Know That Guy”. There will be loads to look at, and purchase.” (snowproject)

03. Lego CD Stereo Boombox and Radio Alarm Clock (above)

“We’re not easily impressed, but we’ve certainly had our heads turned by the launch of the Lego CD Stereo Boombox and the Lego Radio Alarm Clock. You can probably see why. Pictured above is the bright blue CD Stereo Boombox, shaped like a large brick and offering up CD and MP3 playback, along with FM and AM radio. Sadly no DAB or net radio, but you can’t have everything.” (retrotogo)

04. Apple iPad (above)

Big ass screen kinda looks like an iPhone but clearly does a lot more. Putting it out there (apple<gdgt)

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