Where the runway meets the street

More lyrical delivery from MISTER MORT via the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. This time with help from A. Lex Neville. Do not forget to click in for fashion looks form the show.

Some more A. Lex Neville quill quivers, no sharing stone slivers, but more pics of the fort with Mister Mort n cameos with Joan Rivers, who delivers? Mister Mort does, that’s the buzz, so lemme do you one sweater, without the fuzz, Mohair éclair, set up in a Park City time-share, or a single malt gestalt in an arm chair, just to be fair, Mister Mort edits the pics without lense flair, truth or dare, be told, pocket the square with the fold, characters in Utah don’t fit the mold, of the dandy, or that of gentlemen whom know good brandy, the fashion etiquette’s been smurf’d like handy, but Mister Mort will make do, slim pickin’s with A.Lex Neville spats like Charles Dickens, more Selectism because the plot thickens, home too roost, no goose, but we’ll make do with chickens…

More photos from MISTER MORT at Sundance Film Festival after the click.

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