01. Stank Sentiments for Sweethearts Valentine’s Cards (above)

“Shirking typical Hallmark sentiments, Stank Sentiments for Sweethearts offers a different kinf of nostalgia with a series of alternative boldface (and type) messages that borrow from rap lyrics to woo the one who makes your knees go week.” (coolhunting)

02. Float Magazine Rack

“he handful of magazine subscriptions that are still in publication deserve a bit more dignity than a pile under the coffee table. After all these are the best of the best… GQ, Esquire, okay and that one we just read for the articles. The Float Magazine Rack organizes 12 of your favorite magazines and puts them on display. The chrome or black coated steel rack is modern and minimal, and it works next to the lazy boy or in front of the throne.” (coolmaterial)

03. Bubble Wrap Celebrates 50th Birthday

“Mostly, they like the sound it makes when they destroy it, piece by piece, which largely explains the appeal of Bubble Wrap, the stress reducer disguised as package cushioning that maintains an inexplicable hold on pop culture. The product once envisioned as a new type of wallpaper turns 50 this month, and enthusiasts’ obsession with it has spawned more than 250 Facebook pages devoted to Bubble Wrap.” (coudal)

04. The Lady And The Velocette

“It’s quite rare to find a photograph of a woman rider from the 1920s, let alone one of such clarity and charm as this one. Our heroine kneels in supplication to her sulking mount, with tool roll out, and a look of sheer misery which every motorcyclist understands! Oh, the joys and pains of life on two wheels.” (vintagent)

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