01. RIP Ikea Fira

“Sadly, as of this month Ikea has discontinued the Fira, a handy little set of wooden box drawers that everyone loved customizing. I’ve got four of them myself, and while they were a pain to assemble–you’ll got to nail each individual box together with nails that appear to have been made by nanotechnology–it is an infinitely useful sorting device.” (core77)

02. Sneak Peek: “Kucica” Croatian Cottage

“‘kucica’ in croatian means ‘small house.’ this quaint cottage belongs to iva and vanja and is located in zagorje, croatia (15 miles from the capital of zagreb). the area is known for its preserved idyllic nature, rivers, old castles, and as the excavation site of a 100,000 year old neanderthal man (trivia!). the cottage itself is a traditional wooden cottage which is about 100 years old, but was moved to this location around 20-30 years ago. it was love at first sight when iva and vanja first discovered the cottage” (designsponge)

03. Details “10th” Anniversary (above)

“This month, Details celebrates their “10th” Anniversary. Why the quotes? We’ll its the 10th anniversary of their relaunch. The title actually dates back 28 years.  According to Wikipedia, Condé Nast bought the magazine in 1987 from Alan Patricof for $2 million. The magazine was relaunched in the fall of 2000 when Condé Nast transferred the publication to its sibling division Fairchild Publications.” (spd)

04. Futuristic Urban Farm Comes With its Own TV Station

“We’ve seen urban farms before, but here’s one that takes city gardening to a whole ‘nother level. One UK architecture student created plans for a center that’s part vertical farm, part TV station. The Urban Farming and Media Interactive Networks (Urban F.@.m.i.n.), is a plan for an indoor farm that promotes its sustainability efforts through an on-site television program. Though the design is just a concept for now, actually implementing a similar center into existing cities could revolutionize food production and education.” (inhabitant)

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