01. Armed Raiders Steal 50,000 New-Design England Away Shirts Worth £2Million From Lorry

“Armed raiders have stolen 50,000 new-design England away shirts worth £2million from a lorry. The terrified driver was kidnapped at gunpoint in the early morning hold-up on an industrial estate. Four men in balaclavas smashed the cab windows, bundled the trucker into a people carrier and took the whole container-load. The shirts – designed for the World Cup and red like the 1966 kit – were due to go on sale on March 3.” (mirror)

02. Broken Social Scene – “World Sick” | NEW MUSIC

“The new album’s title? Forgiveness Rock Record. That busy-looking graphic you see above? That’s the cover art. That Lala stream up there? Well, that’s what you click on to hear “World Sick”, the almost seven-minute epic that’s also the first song they’velet us hear from the album. (For a free download of “World Sick”, enter your email into the widget we’ve embedded below the jump. It signs you up for future updates from the band, but you will have the option to unsubscribe.)” #recommended (p4k)

03. Comfort Food: Maple Cookie by Katherine Morley (above)

“Katherine Morley may be known predominantly as a ceramicist, but during Toronto Design Week 2010, it became increasingly evident that this talented artist and designer wears many a hat. Morley is much influenced by the Canadiana around her and delights in serving it back with a message. Icebergs that reference work by Lawren Harris remind us of the luxury of fresh water; a series of bowls salutes the achievements of some Great Canadians; an iconic biscuit is a reminder of the maple cream sandwich cookies we either love or hate, but were always a part of someone’s school lunches.” (moco)

04. Gallery: Best Of Toy Fair 2010

“Our top picks from the International Toy Fair in New York. Sure, it’s not all science, but it’s all pretty damn cool” (popmech)

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