Image from Hedi Slimane's 'Jerkin Generation'

Image from Hedi Slimane's 'Jerkin Generation' recently interviewed Hedi Slimane, whose shadow still looms large over menswear. Now firmly established as a photographer – his black and white pictures are almost as popular as his designs for Dior Homme – he has plenty of sensible things to say about magazine, the internet, blogs and the future of fashion. Here’s just one level headed quote that we particularly liked.

You photograph for magazines, but you also have a strong presence on the Internet with your Web site. Do you see a difference between the two mediums in terms of the presentation of your work?
They complete each other.

The Internet is about immediacy. Besides, I also operate my Web site directly, as I can decide if I want to post a story or reportage every day or every month. I also generally have a more complete edit on my Web site, after publication.

That said, I do love the strict frame of magazines, and to tell a story in an edit of ten or 12 pages, or to sum it up in a cover. It is a discipline.

Read the full interview here.

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