01. Icarus Leviathan Bike (above)

“This one is a special project I have been working on in between other builds. It had been a while since I built something for myself so I figured it should be something over the top, and a chance for me to try a few things I had been interested in. It is a whole lot of fun to ride and I am looking forward to more warm weather for longer rides. Some of the features are: internal cable routing, a missing seat tube, aero head tube joint, extended down tube, custom bar/stem combo.” (icarus)

02. Plastiki Plastic Bottle Boat Unveiled in San Francisco!

“San Francisco recently saw the unveiling of the Plastiki, a boat constructed from from 12,500 2-liter plastic bottles that will be embarking on a 7,500 mile journey to Sydney this spring. Built by Adventure Ecology and captained by David de Rothschild, the vessel will brave the waters surrounding the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ in an attempt to bring awareness to the mounting plastic debris floating in our Oceans. If the 50 knots of wind and rain at the unveiling last Friday, followed by tsunami warnings post-earthquake in Chile the following day, are any indication of what the crew could face on their voyage, we wish them luck!” (inhabitant)

03. V/A – The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol 1

“Arguably the first wave of ‘Bedroom’ producers, the recently titled ‘Minimal Wave’ movement encapsulated a genre of musicians from Europe and the USA making use of cheap electronic equipment in the late 70’s and early 80’s. This little-known scene spawned CLEM, which is arguably the first electronic music mailing list in history.” (bleep43)

04. World Map Self Promotion

“When Jen and Omar started looking for a modern and simple world map on which to track their travels and other interesting facts, they were surprised and dismayed at the options they encountered. Glossy posters and cheap antique reproductions being the recurring find, a self-made solution came to mind. Carefully designed and silkscreened, they produced 50 posters which sold out pretty quickly. And so, a second and more ambitious run was set into motion. Have you been searching for a unique world map for yourself? You can place an order with them and wait a few weeks for it to show up at your door.” (FPO)

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