01. Vnukovo Airport

“Since there was business bounce in Moscow recently and with each year it goes more and more skyscraperier with hundreds of people from different countries arriving to the capital of Russia, need in expanding infrastructure of the megacity sprang up. The authorities of Moscow have been long thinking of building new terminal at one of the well-known airports of the Russian Federation.” (englishrussia)

02. Honda Unveils Three Wheeled Electric 3R-C Vehicle

“Honda has just revealed this incredible looking three-wheeled 3R-C concept vehicle at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show. The sleek scooter-like pod is an EV that showcases Honda’s latest research into compact urban vehicles. Designed for one driver, the vehicle has a clear canopy that covers it when not in use and protects the rider from wind and rain.” (inhabitant)

03. Hundehäuser Cubix Doghouse

“The Hundehäuser Cubix is the dream home for the dog who knows his Mies van der Rohe from his Marcel Breuer  and has an appreciation for Bauhaus life.” (iainc)

04. Porta Fira Towers by Toyo Ito and b720 Arquitectos (above)

“Japanese architect Toyo Ito and b720 Arquitectos of Spain have completed two adjacent towers in Barcelona containing a hotel and offices.” Photo by Filip Popoli (dezeen)

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