01. Peter Booth on Observing the Consumer (above)

“Eastman Innovation Lab brings us a video from Peter Booth, the managing partner and director of Tin Horse. Peter engages in “practice-based innovation” and looks to what people actually do with the stuff they have for insights into design.” (core77)

02. The Secret Code Names Of 37 Sci-Fi Blockbuster Films

“Remember Star Beast? When that creature burst through the guy’s chest, I nearly jumped out of my seat. And who could forget How the Solar System Was Won? Even Leonardo DiCaprio called it one of his five essential films. Confused? Then it’s time for a crash course in working titles, the code words Hollywood studios sometimes use to disguise their movies’ true names, as with the two films above, which ended up being called—were you able to guess?—Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey.” (coudal)

03. New National Album: High Violet

“Here’s another big name: The National’s fifth LP, High Violet, is due out May 10 in the UK and May 11 everywhere else via 4AD. We chatted with frontman Matt Berninger about it in January” (pitch4k)

04. Chair As Workstation

“I love the idea of this – a chair that is a workstation, with storage cubbies, adjustable work surfaces, task lighting – all built in to a single piece of furniture.” (workalicious)

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