Opening this Saturday at P.P.O.W. Debris presents the work of Portia Munson, Sarah Frost, and Aurora Robson. The three artists are connected by a use of recycled mass produced plastic. They each have created standalone installations, indicative of their own artistic leaning. Munson has utilized found objects for almost 16 years, finding firm place in the art world through contribution to the “Bad Girls” exhibition at the New Museum. Frost’s work in Debris is intirely produced from discarded keys, primarily from key boards, representing business large and small and each holding its own unique history. This exhibition is her first in New York.

Finally, Aurora Robson adds large scale sculpture from her series “Landmines” to the gallery’s main room. Her reuse of found plastic forms a fantasy world with a horror twist.

Debris continues through April 24, 2010, at P.P.O.W., 511 W. 25th Street, room 301, New York.

Further preview of the exhibition follows.

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