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Nick Schonberger here writing this little intro on Jeff Carvalho.

What to say about Jeff Carvalho? He’s a bike enthusiast [wait for the next post if you don’t believe me]. Cap lover… as long as they fit his huge mellon. And, one of the world’s biggest proponents of Noise music. Music, in fact, is Jeff’s biggest passion. A passion that bred his interest in fashion and his particular (if not peculiar) world view.

As head honcho, Jeff has the privilege of offering the lastest “selections” from the  John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2010 collection. His picks are both dark in color, which clearly pull from the record he is probably listening to at the moment: the Varvatos Limited Edition Summer Parka and the Varvatos Flight Pant.

View Jeff’s Selections from the John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2010 Collection after the click…

John Varvatos Limited Edition Summer Parka

I like to wear my jackets fitted and tend to have difficult with most jackets having sleeves that are simply too long for my frame. While I may bring my shirts in for sleeve adjustments, I do not find it proper to do so with jackets. This Varvatos  Summer Parka looks solve those issues in one easy grab. The fitted waistline and sleeves look to fall well and the simplicity of the front make it more than appealing to me. But like most things that catch my eye, this one may be a bit more difficult to land. Only ten units of the Summer Parka have been produced, but luckily they’re all available through the online shop.

John Varvatos Flight Pant

Occasionally I need to get out of my denim and fall into a pair of trousers that allow me to relax and open up on the cuff when the warm air requires. That’s exactly what the flight pant from Varvatos does. The fit is a skinny or slim one depending on how you define it, but the addition of a zip-up at the cuff allows me to open them up and roll them when the sand and water call me. Throw in some tight to the hip cargo pockets and these pants will work all Summer long – and the color is perfect.

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