01. Harvard in Japan

“Harvard’s relationship with Japan dates to the 19th century, to a few years after the island nation opened its doors to the West, and the ties between the two remain strong today. This timeline shows key milestones in that fruitful relationship. As President Drew Faust becomes the eighth Harvard president to visit Japan, faculty members — along with students and alumni — are sending back dispatches about cultural and historical aspects of her trip.” (harvardgazette)

02. Record Store Day: An Ode to Vinyl

“My first “record” wasn’t vinyl at all, but an Archies record that I punched out of the back of a cereal box. No one would let me play it on their stereo. Not my parents, not my cousins, not even the next door neighbor. No one would dare let their precious needle touch a piece of cardboard pretending to be a record. I suspect now that it wasn’t so much the cardboard as it was the Archies themselves. I ended up listening to it on a Fisher-Price record player.” (trueslant)

03. American The Bill Hicks Story Official Trailer – Redband

“Bill Hicks Story. This groundbreaking new documentary uses a stunning new animation technique to tell the story of the modern cultural icon Bill Hicks.” (youtube>americanthemovie)

04. SXSW WHY? by Fucked Up.

“Here are a few relatively innocuous examples. The first time we did sxsw there were these little packs of gum everywhere by this company called 5 (actually owned by Wrigley). I had never seen this gum before, or heard of this company. They didn’t put on a showcase, they had just left thousands of packs of gum everywhere for people to grab” (lookingforgold)

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