Tiny Showcase was established in 2004, the imaginative creation of Jon Buonaccorsi and Shea’la Finch. The duo, recognizing the talents of several friends, sought to establish a forum and community to showcase people close to them. They also realized that many of their friends weren’t rich – a point that helped define the intent and structure of their community. Tiny Showcase brings limited-run archival prints to “market” at low cost. The prints are done on high quality Hanhemuhle German Print Making Paper and a percentage of each sale is donated to a charity of each artist’s choosing.

Kirkland Bray (one half of the leather goods firm BillyKirk) has supplied Tiny Showcase with “Haphazard Playground.” Priced at $20.00, a portion of the sale goes directly to Kirkland’s chosen charity, the Art Creation Foundation for Children. The non-profit organization is based in Jacmel, Haiti, and was established to give local street children training in the arts.

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