As an Easter treat, we’ve dug out a process feature we had locked in our vaults. Neil J Christopher, founder of ARN Mercantile, doesn’t get as much blog love as other workwear folks but with this process and an upcoming full feature, we’ll be trying to redress the balance. In this process feature Christopher talks about his ongoing collaboration with Nigel Cabourn.

“With Nigel we worked on a collaboration for pants. Nigel is one of the greats in the industry, he has an amazing knowledge of production, history and process, as well as the passion that is a true inspiration to us, and should be held high as a example to younger designers as to how to build product.

He’s not just making clothing he’s supporting a whole industry, showing the world that the UK can still make great product. There are many high image brands based in the UK who lay claim to a British-ness but Nigel really stand out as true to his history. [And he’s still] facing forward on the way he makes and shows what is still done here.

When we first started talking to Nigel, I was a little unsure, we’d worked in Japan for ages and I know the business there quite well, but after being pulled in by his passion we were sold. Nigel has been very open to our way of working and has given us a huge amount of support, the collaboration with him has been amazing. We’re just starting next seasons pants with him now, it’s a very exciting project – he is just perfect to work with.”

The trousers are currently available at Oki-Ni (Click here, here, here and here to see each individual item)

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