Art April, 5 2010

Daryll Peirce, paintings and prints

Now living in Oakland, CA, Daryll Peirce was born in Reno, NV. He attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, CO, and has worked as an illustrator and painter since receiving his BFA. Peirce’s influence range from skateboarding and surfing, to dreaming and philosophy. His work intermingles exaggerated bodies, botanical forms, and urban spaces. The paintings often find surface on found objects as well, further tying Peirce’s work to the city scape that influences him.

Peirce has recently updated his website, ArtDerailed, which now (for the first time) offers print editions. One print, entitled “Cry of the Pigeon,” is seen above. More examples of Peirce’s work after the jump.