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Oki-Ni have a nice interview up with Omar Kashoura. Well, we say interview, it’s more of a friendly chat in print form. Without giving away the whole thing, here’s a snippet of Mr. Skelton’s chat with Omar Kashoura.

John Skelton | As a designer do you set out with the intention of creating a brand?
Omar Kashoura | I think at the beginning you set out to become a brand, to create a brand but after 2 seasons you’re like ‘forget the brand, I want to make money!’. As a designer, to see that your line is going to turn into a big brand is quite a distant thing and a bit of a dream really. But for me personally, quality is the most important thing. You can tell when the product has been made in an Italian mill, and that’s when it becomes a brand. That’s more what I want to happen- to be supported by one of these mills and have them produce everything from sample to production. I am very involved in the sample process, I do a lot of sewing myself and I enjoy it but it does get really frustrating trying to maintain quality and still keep up with demands of being a young designer.

Read the full interview here.

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