Situated on a lovely plot in Avondale, PA, Va La Family Farmed Wines manages something of a rarity in the region – drinkable wine.

The property consists of 6.73 acres of land, all tended by winemaker/farmer Anthony Vietri. He produces between 500 to 700 cases a year. Each variety produced in a batch of one to nine barrels. Yes, it’s small scale. But, that scale allows for a careful investigation of every step.

The wines are blended – for example the delightful La Prima Donna includes tocai, malvasia bianco, petit manseng, pinot grigio, and viognier grapes. The wines are also only available direct from the vineyard. Combined with some spectacular Mexican eateries, well worth a drive up the Gap Pike this summer.

A look at the bottles and the farm after the jump.

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