01. Requiem Pour Un Con: A Week Dedicated To Serge Gainsbourg

“He never really left. A hero in his home-country, beloved to foreigners we now call “hipsters” since, well, before The Bollock Brothers covered his “Harley David Son Of A Bitch.” A carefully disheveled fashion icon, he managed to pull Bridgette Bardot and Jane Birkin” (now-again)

02. New Michelangelo?

“A painting in the Metropolitan long attributed to the circle of Francesco Granacci is really by Michelangelo— according to experts who cite underdrawings, imagery, and aspects of the artist’s own biography as clues” (artnews)

03. Make A Paperclip Nest (above)

“I want this like yesterday. The aptly names Nest is a magnetic shaped egg you need to coddle and care for by building a nest of paperclips. Keeps it stable and like any good mother, you may get a wonderful surprise after a few months. I’m totally kidding about that although if anything hatches, please write me. That deserves a story. Designers: Feng Cheng-Tsung & Wang Bo-Jin” (yanko)

04. Milan Design Week 2010: Pieke Bergmans’ Monsters

“We’re in a rush to get to the events tonight at Ventura Lambrate, a new design district, but we wanted to share a peek at some new stuff from Pieke Bergmans Design Virus: giant, soft, elastic monsters, ‘trained to put you in very uncomfortable positions.'” (core77)

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