01. Cilantro Haters, It’s Not Your Fault

“Food partisanship doesn’t usually reach the same heights of animosity as the political variety, except in the case of the anti-cilantro party. The green parts of the plant that gives us coriander seeds seem to inspire a primal revulsion among an outspoken minority of eaters.” (NYT).

02. The Hollywood Sign Hotel

Every now and then, we find some crazy ideas around the web. What about this one?  Christian Bay – Jørgensen, owner of Bay Arch, has an idea to turn the famous Hollywood Sign into an hotel. This could solve the money/land issues that have been surrounding the sign lately. The plan calls for the famous letters to be enlarged to double the size, building them out from the back, allowing guests to stay inside the Hollywood sign itself. (arch daily).

03. Man City players get extremely metrosexual about it

Now, unlike our dungareed lesbian colleagues, The Spoiler doesn’t like to partake either of these two things: 1. The dark art of stereotyping. And 2. The Spoiler never EVER makes assumptions. Which is why today is making for a very rare day indeed, as an assumption has grown in the vast Spoiler offices that the Man City players were so put out – so damn angry – at their lack of representation on our recent football metrosexuals list, that they went so far as to put on a dreamy fashion show. (thespoiler).

04. Hut-Hut Modern “Rocking Horse” by Kalon Studios (above)

“If you want to hook your little one up with a rocking horse but worry that a colorful wooden pony won’t exactly match the rest of the grown up decor in your living room, check out Hut Hut! Designed by Kalon Studios and debuting this week at the Milan Design Fair in Italy, this modern “rocking horse” has the best of both worlds – fun for your child and sleek lines for you! Plus it’s made in the states out of FSC certified danish cedar, walnut, cork, maple, or bamboo.” (inhabitat).

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