01. If illustrators designed football shirts… (above)

“With the World Cup just around the corner, it’s not surprising to find that various brands with strong connections to the glorious game are producing spanky new products for us to buy. Both Umbro and Nike have commissioned illustrators to devise emblems and badges to be embroidered on to alternative versions of national team shirts…” Andre’s work is above. (creativereview)

02. A Heavy Batch of New Vinyl from Important Records

“It’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten to write about some good doom metal records, and that’s exactly what Important Records just dropped on the masses.  First up is the year-and-a-half late vinyl issue of Ocean’s heavy, heavy album, “Pantheon Of The Lesser”.  This 2xLP comes on clear (edition of 100), orange (edition of 100), or black vinyl (edition of 300).  It is housed in a four-part handmade letterpress jacket.  All this for $25.  Visit ImportantRecords.com.” (omg)

03. Sneak Preview of ‘Los Angeles, I’m Yours’

“I wanted to start posting some previews of Los Angeles, I’m Yours so everyone can get a sense of what we’re up to. We’ve been busy all week putting together the show and I think it’s really starting to look great. The first image is a giant chalkboard wall we’ve got that we’re going to putting the names of the artists on as well putting some shelving to display the work.” (+kn)

04. This magazine stinks

“For issue 23, the magazine has teamed up with Norwegian smell artist Sissel Tolaas. It comes in a simple, ordinary booklet format using a gloss paper with a slightly heavier stock for the cover. The entire issue is visually uninventive – one lengthy (but fascinating) Q&A interview runs in 12pt sans serif throughout the pages.” (magculture)

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