01. Anatomy of a Benjamin (above)

“Last week, the Treasury Department introduced its new $100 bill, a redesign intended to frustrate high-tech counterfeiters when it goes into circulation Feb. 10.” (NYT).

02. Sailing beauty by Claesson Koivisto Rune

“When it comes to design designers themselves are very hard critics. There are however, certain exceptions which always break the rules and these usually are the cases for the well known ‘soft spots’. These vary from one person to the other but mainly they deal with factors such as cars, motorcycles, high end hi-fi systems, art works and collector item objects. At this point I would like to state that the description ‘I’ is not one that I like and have ever used in these articles. However in this factor it has to be used as what I am writing about has hit my personal design factor inspiration ‘soft spot.’ It is none other then the sexy, sharp, smooth and dynamic edginess of a sailing yacht.  I find that the highest form of exclusive high end design is derived from yachts and is my prime inspiration source. When Anoushka Hempel designed the Beluga in the 90’s we were all looking with great amazement. A perfect match of a detailed designed sailing yacht in combination with a high end design interior. When I was shown the images of this sailing boat which you are about to see l I was more then inspired I was excited and aroused designly speaking.” (Yatzer)

03. Cook the Book: Lobster Rolls

“There’s something about the high-low combination of the Lobster Roll that has always appealed to me. Lobster, a classically decadent and pricey ingredient is served in a lowly hot dog bun, garnished with nothing more than some mayonnaise and butter. It’s also a fiercely regional sandwich, with New England written all over it. There’s the abundance of lobster paired with the uniquely New England top-sliced hot dog buns. But truth be told, for as much as I’ve enjoyed the idea of lobster rolls, I’ve never experienced one for myself.” (Serious Eats).

04. Aural Secs: Usain Bolt’s 8.79 Explained With Music

“Usain Bolt once again did something ridiculous, this time running an 8.79 anchor leg in the 4×100 at the Penn Relays. And once again, we illustrate how fast this is with a snippet of music.” (Deadspin).

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