01. Austin Center for Design

“It’s a design school at least 15 years in the making, an idea that simmered in the back of Jon Kolko’s brain. The interactive designer (an associate creative director at Frog Design in Austin, Texas) and one-time Savannah College of Art and Design instructor had long wanted to create an environment that could help designers find more meaning in their careers. It was a concern of many of Kolko’s former students, who were working at what were considered dream jobs, places like Nike and Starbucks.” (design observer).

02. Acting White: The Ironic Legacy of Desegregation

“Commentators from Bill Cosby to Barack Obama have observed the phenomenon of black schoolchildren accusing studious classmates of “acting white.” How did this contentious phrase, with roots in Jim Crow-era racial discord, become a part of the schoolyard lexicon, and what does it say about the state of racial identity in the American system of education?” (YUP).

03. Mourinho vows to end Barca Champions League ‘obsession’

“Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho claims Barcelona are “obsessed” with winning the Champions League at the Bernabeu – home of arch-rivals Real Madrid.” (BBC).

04. Introduction to Oogabooga Studies

“In the first two columns I wrote here for FlowTV I argued that “New Media” was not a particularly useful term for describing the field; indeed, I argued that it may in fact obscure more than it reveals. What I suggested is that this field of study is neither about “media” nor about something “new.” Both in the comments section and in conversations I had subsquent to these pieces being published, others have, correctly, pointed out that it is easier to say what something should not be called than to actually propose what it ought to be called. So, I thought I would take this final column to propose what I think this field of study should be called: ‘Oogabooga Studies.'” (flowtv).

05. Shanghai 2010: The Pavilions (above)

“Back on March we featured a fantastic set of photos of the pavilions for Shanghai World Expo 2010 almost finished. Now, with only three days left for the grand opening to the public, the pavilions seem to be ready for the more than 70 million people expected to visit the Expo between April 30 and October 31.” (arch daily).

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