Where the runway meets the street

Secret Forts has a great Q&A with the brothers from The Hill-Side. Covering their recent studio move, their fabrics and their relatively quick start. On the latter Emil had this to say:

‘To date every aspect of The Hill-Side’s development has exceeded our expectations. When we first started making these ties we thought we might sell a few of them to very niche shops, mostly denim-centric places. It’s not like we invented anything really new, but it does feel surprising that our stuff has been as widely accepted and appreciated as it has. The whole thing has kept us so busy that we haven’t really had time to look up from what we’re doing long enough to take it all in. Now the challenge is to keep up the momentum, but also to manage our growth and expansion so that the brand doesn’t burn out. We need to continue to innovate and keep people excited about our products. This comes in to play in so many ways, from hunting for new fabrics, to introducing new designs, to how we photograph and style the products, to seeking out collaborators, to the shops we choose to partner with.’

Read the full feature here.

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