Where the runway meets the street

With great pleasure, we introduce Feedbak.

At base level, Feedbak exists as a student organization focused on apparel design. Drawing combined expertise from business and design majors, Feedbak serves as a fashion think tank. Students go through a complete simulation of running a small apparel brand – designing, producing, marketing, and selling a complete line.

Pendleton Woolen Mills sponsors the project, providing access to the materials required to see the designs to finished product. Each year, the Feedbak line presents its latest at the Cornell Design League Fashion Show. Of course, they’ve also created a look book.

We were inspired by the vision of a stranded expedition team, waiting for a signal of hope. In a jagged landscape they keep vigil. One perches on the precipice, sharpening his knife on shrapnel, humming an old song while his comrade swigs from a canteen at his waist. The water tastes like rust and redemption as he swipes at dry lips with his collar. The last man scans the horizon, seeing nothing but the winter sun rising through a fog.  The survivors stand. In the interim, undaunted.

Full looks at Feedbak’s collection follow. Keep it up guys, and congratulations on the level of dedication that goes into the success of the organization.

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