The backlog from Baselworld is massive. Just ask the watch centric blogs. Where we would come in and cover a great number of products day to day, these bloggers take a different approach. Perpetuelle is one of those sites that continues to drop what they consider to be the best from the show. Example: their look at startup Ressence.

“As founder of Ressence Watch, Mintiens made his debut at Baselworld 2010 with his ‘platform watch’ –  a watch featuring a rotating dial plate and time scales without any amount of superimposition (ie no hands cross or go over the others).  Intrigued upon seeing his concept — unlike anything I had seen before — I contacted Benoit with the hope of gaining a deeper understanding of what is behind Ressence Watch.  Thankfully and quite kindly, he obliged.  What follows is my interview with him, with images of his new watch concept shown throughout.”

More looks at the Ressence Type 001 and Type 002 Watches after the click.

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