01. Record sleeves of the month (above)

“Here’s the latest batch of music release packaging that’s caught our eye of late. Top of the pile is the special edition of  the new UNKLE album, Where Did The Night Fall – released May 10 on label Surrender-All.” (Creative Review)

02. Norse History for Bostonians

“When not choking on the sickly sweet taste of 21st-century despair, Rowdy Geirsson maintains www.scandinavianaggression.com and attempts to promote the glorious (or inglorious, as the case may be) deeds of Vikings past and present. Here, he discusses special topics in medieval Norse history with the intention of maximizing ease of comprehension among Bostonians and other pertinent New Englanders (Connecticuters excluded).” (McSweeney’s).

03. Adventure Playground: John V. Lindsay and the Transformation of Modern New York

“In recent years it has been scarcely possible to walk down the major streets of New York (especially in good weather) without coming across a film crew at work: fleets of specialized vehicles, and dozens of dedicated craftspeople — directors, cinematographers, camera operators, production designers, property masters, gaffers, grips, and, of course, celebrated or world-famous actors and performers — busily transforming the everyday landscape of the city into the setting for some larger-than-life, cinematic vision of urban life. Similarly, it is scarcely possible to walk today into a movie theater, or look at a television screen, and not soon find New York City serving as the setting for — and often enough the subject of — romantic comedies, thrillers, police dramas, science-fiction fantasies, or any of a dozen other film genres regularly shot on location. Over the past decade, no fewer than 200 feature films, and hundreds more episodes for television, have been shot each year on the streets of New York, a total that no other American city — not even Los Angeles — can match. Thanks to this pervasive filmic presence, audiences across the country, and indeed around the world, have come to know New York as well as — or better than — their own hometowns.” (Design Observer).

04. Morocco striker Marouane Chamakh ‘counting the days’ till Arsenal move

“The Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh says he is “counting the days” until completing his free transfer to Arsenal, and says he will prove he was worth the wait.” (Guardian).

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