Where the runway meets the street

Alwaysnever gets close and personal with designer Robert Geller by asking the man about his day to day in the midst of designing Spring 2011. Without giving away too much, here’s his thoughts on getting things done.

“Designing a collection part for me is kind of special because we usually design a collection in a very short time and it’s quite a big.  Once we get into it I usually wake up very early. I wake up at 5 o’clock and get to the office at 6.  And from 6 to 10 I have the office to myself, which is a very nice thinking time for me.  I can’t design when there’s a lot of people around, it’s real distracting.  What I’ve done for every season is pick a book on tape and I listen to that while I do rough sketches. It’s something that’s going on that I can look forward to [finishing the book]. It helps me get up in the morning. The two don’t necessarily have any correlation,  if I’m doing a collection on Vienna I’m not listening to Death in Venice.”

Some great photos from the interview with Robert Geller after the click.

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