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German outdoor furniture brand Dedon has been on quite the run these past months. After they have invaded pretty much every 5 Star Hotel in recent years, we definitely felt like it was time for a change in their direction and that is exactly what took place this past year. Just the other day we reported about their collaboration with ueber-designer Philippe Starck and their recent work with Italian brand FLOS on a lamp collection is certainly also note-worthy.

Their 2010 campaign was shot by photographer Bruce Weber. We really liked his work on the Moncler campaign last year and were looking forward to see what he had done with Dedon. The campaign is now out and we believe that overall it was a good direction. Dedon was previously always portrayed in a cold, untouchable way and for the first time they took a more personal route. We also love the mess that Bruce Weber celebrates in his pictures. If we had to point out something negative at all, we would actually have preferred if the whole campaign was not so “happy”, if you know what we mean.

Take a look for yourself after the jump.

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