Beau Colburn does the Thursday Roundup.

01. Price of Facebook Privacy? Start Clicking

“Pop quiz: Which is longer, the United States Constitution or Facebook’s Privacy Policy? If you guessed the latter, you’re right. Facebook’s Privacy Policy is 5,830 words long; the United States Constitution, without any of its amendments, is a concise 4,543 words.”

02. Bird Washing Machine Removes Oil in 7 Minutes (above)

“It’s no question that animals – particularly birds – are being severely impacted by the Deepwater oil leak. The oil has already reached shorelines, and marine birds are getting coated. Last week, David asked how a bird covered in oil gets cleaned. Turns out, it’s a painstaking and time consuming process that can seriously stress out birds. But what if we could just stick birds in a washing machine that cleans them in only seven minutes? A major oil company took the liberty of creating just such a machine.”

03. Jarvis Cocker curates National Trust Album

“Jarvis Cocker’s transformation from indie music’s enfant terrible to unlikely pin-up of the cream tea and country house set appeared complete yesterday, when it emerged that he had teamed up with the National Trust to curate an album of soothing sounds.”

04. An Apple //e, an iPad, and Jed

“‘I just saw some photos of your office and couldn’t help but notice an Apple //e. I have an odd request. Back in 2005 I created a music video for the band Grandaddy by programming a text animation on an old Apple. So for my request: would you do me the honor of running the source code on your old Apple //e and sending a few pictures?’

Sounded like fun to us. Just one problem, though: we knew we had to load Stewart’s “cassette tape” source into the Apple //e’s audio input. But we didn’t exactly have a cassette deck lying around. What did we have? An iPad.” (panic)

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