I’m keeping this post all New England. Bailey Works Bags is a famous name up here. Where CHROME may be to SF, Bailey Works is to Boston and New England (except Bailey Works is better. Sorry SF).

Hilton’s Tent City is also a very well known spot across the street from the Boston (TD Bankorth) Garden.  It’s an outdoor life destination in this town. They have been at their Friend Street location for as long as anyone can remember. Back when I was attending university in this fine city, we use to frequent Hilton’s Tent City for the best outerwear. There is no better in Boston.

Hilton’s is about to launch a new line of one offs and collaborative efforts with some of the finest names in the outwear and outdoor game today. Under the name “Friend Street” ( a clear homage to their territory) they are planning out some great items including this messenger with Bailey Works. Their messenger bag will be produced from 1970’s vintage tents sourced from Hilton’s own new old stock.  “They are waxed, thus waterproof on the exterior. In addition, they have a custom buffalo plaid print on the interior tarp lining. A nice touch is how [they] retain characteristics of the original tent; notice the use of the corner grommets as pocket flaps. Each tent will produce roughly 10-12 bags.” 24 are being made.

More look at the Bailey Works Bags for Friend Street Messenger Bag after the click.

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