While Moleskine’s notebooks are just fine, they’re pretty ubiquitous these days. And it goes without saying that Selectism isn’t about the commonplace. Hence we’ve been taken of late by these artisan-made notebooks from Japanese brand MUCU. Each piece is hand-finished in the firm’s compact Tokyo workshop and made using mainly untreated materials including canvas, tarpaulin and newspaper-grade stock. The aim is to restore to everyday life contact with unabashedly raw textures that age nicely over an extended period. And these are tools for prolonged use, stresses the maker.

We particularly like the ring-bound leather notebooks, and also the austere cardboard version with external canvas binding detailing its composition: a pocketable equivalent of the exposed structures of industrial space, if you like. Available from rakuten.co.jp (English site) or Aoyama’s Spiral Market if you happen to be in Tokyo. Despite the artisanal tag, from four bucks or so they’re not so expensive if you’re after something a bit more exclusive than Muji and Moleskine. (Darren Gore contributed this story)

More looks at the MUCU Notebooks after the click.

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