01. “So You Need a Typeface?” Poster

“Originally created for a class at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen, and based on FontShop’s 100 Best Typefaces, Julian Hansen’s ‘So You Need a Typeface?’ became an instant online sensation with mentions in not just design blogs, but more mainstream outlets like MetaFilter, BuzzFeed and Lifehacker. And just like Hollywood studios pick-up hot indie flicks here and there, production mavens Scribble on Everything” (fpo)

02. Gorgeous , the Geotagger’s World Atlas

“The maps are ordered by the number of pictures taken in the central cluster of each one. This is a little unfair to aggressively polycentric cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles, which probably get lower placement than they really deserve because there are gaps where no one took any pictures.” flickr (coudal)

03. It’s Not a Motorcycle, Baby. It’s a Mobile Barbecue Pit. (above)

“When we heard that RUB was commissioning Orange County Chopper, of American Chopper fame, to make a mobile barbecue pit, we thought it was a pretty cool idea. We expected it to be a novelty, like a two-headed kitten or the world’s largest ball of string. Nothing prepared us for the mind-numbing coolness of the actual RUB Chopper: The restaurant’s owner, Andrew Fischel, correctly characterizes as ‘the sickest, baddest thing in the world.’ ” (2007) (newyork)

04. Pitchfork Guide to Summer Festivals

“Memorial Day weekend is here in just a few hours, which means summer unofficially starts right about now. Among many other awesome things, that means we’re now heading straight into summer festival season.” (pitchf)

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