Nothing beats a good drink in a fantastic setting.

21st Century Bars allows readers to saddle up at some of the world’s most innovative and well thought out establishments. The book covers a worthy range – getting insight about builds ranging from refined to retro. Family favorites (my brother reviews bars for a rather big magazine) like Apotheke, hidden in the bowels of New York’s Chinatown, are included along with pool-cum-lounge Skybar in Kuala Lumpur’s Traders Hotel. In total just over 60 bars find space in the compendium, edited by Andrew Hall and described by Images Publishing as a “globe-hopping tour.” Each gets a 4-page spread, heavy on images and with a brief two to three paragraph description. We get mention of the architect or designer, the lone complaint with the “tour” coming from a lack of provided addresses.

The images, however, are largely stunning and enough to keep pages turning – and perhaps transporting a home session into a true spot of casual opulence.

Available from Amazon.

A selection of favorite bars (Apotheke, Brisbane’s Libertine, Brooklyn’s Freak, London’s Avalon) after the jump.

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