The latest collection on offer from Prints995 (an online gallery specializing in collectible edition prints) comes from French photographer Frederic Bourret. His latest work, those represented in the collection, are a departure from his previous architectural focus and find him exploring patterns formed in nature and natures collision with the built environment.

Frederic Bourret, originally of Greek roots, currently lives and works in France.

Frederic is a largely self-taught artist, whose talents were developed during his time residing in New York.  It was there that he perfected his style of capturing astonishing sights using unique perspectives and geometries.  In each of his photographs the artist interprets himself and his own uncertainties in relation to the realities of the subjects that he captures, creating enigmatic and abstracted images that leave the viewer free to infer his or her own interpretations.

The artist has published three books of photography:  “Réflexions new-yorkaises,” published in 2008 as well as “Ame urbaine from Uptown to Brooklyn,” examine the particularities of urban life in New York.  His most recent publication, “A découvert: un double regard,” produced in 2009 explores the complexity of the female nude.

A further look at Bourret’s photographs after the jump.

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