01. Thermoelectric Galoshes Charge Your Cellphone With Every Step!

“These Wellington boots give us a charge—and we mean the electrical kind! Developed by U.K. telecommunications company Orange and the renewable-energy experts at Gotwind, Power Wellies convert heat from your feet into juice for your cellphone. The high-tech galoshes made their debut today [yesterday] at the Glastonbury Festival in England, where plenty of hot-steppers were on hand to witness the boots’ phone-charging moves.

Read more: Thermoelectric Galoshes Charge Your Cellphone Using Heat From Your Feet | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World ” (inhabitant)

02. Miguel Cotto back in mix after thrashing Foreman

Cotto is usually a humble man, but he was proud after his win against Foreman, a bizarre one to be sure, but one that gave the Puerto Rican star a title in his third weight class — junior middleweight, welterweight and junior welterweight. “I proved this night, everybody who said Miguel Cotto was finished, everybody failed,” Cotto said. (ESPN)

03. Neigh Bother: Director Dave Ma On Making Videos For Foals

In these times of tight budgets and conservative record labels demanding videos with the band bobbing about in, creativity in the music promo is in increasingly short supply. One of the best new directors bucking the trend for the bland is Dave Ma, who has worked with Foals since they first appeared in 2007. (The Quietus)

04. Paul Pierce: ‘We Ain’t Comin Back to L.A.’

Last night in Los Angeles, in the closing moments of Boston’s huge Game 2 victory, Pierce was in the mood to make predictions and bold guarantees again (this time, to courtside fans.) (Slam Online)

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