Beau Colburn does it on Thursdays.

01. Develop The Game, Build A Better Future
“The Republic of South Africa will host representatives from thirty two nations as they compete for the ultimate international championship. This will be the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. Twitter’s rapid international growth means we are part of this global phenomenon as people everywhere seek to discover what’s happening with their favorite team, their favorite players, and breaking news related to this worldwide event.” (twitter)

02. Somali Soccer Fans Go Underground

“The militia group al Shabaab, which controls most of south and central Somalia, has declared the World Cup un-Islamic and banned watching the games on television. By al Shabaab’s logic, the World Cup interferes with the militant group’s “jihad,” to overthrow the government, because young Somalis are too busy watching the games to fight on their behalf. While the group hasn’t yet laid out specific consequences for those defying the ban, the militants have been known to behead or amputate limbs of people who oppose them.

Undeterred Somali soccer fans, whose national team failed to qualify for the tournament, are going underground in search of ways to watch the world’s largest televised sporting event, which opens Friday in South Africa.” (wsj)

03. Referees learning English swear words

“Cursing in soccer is hardly new. Watch any game, and you’re sure to see players uttering some choice words after missed shots, fouls or turnovers. Portuguese, Korean, Greek — nothing gets lost in translation. But referees can’t give out cards for what they think was said, and FIFA requires World Cup referees and assistants to be proficient only in English.” (espn)

04. World Cup iPhone Wallpapers (above)

“in effort to get ready to cheer on my favorite team I designed a series of iPhone wallpapers. I’ve built 12 which you can download in a single zip or you can grab just the one you want by clicking on the country name at the end of this post. If your country isn’t in this list and/or you want to further customize the wallpaper, I’ve provided the PSD here for download.” (philcoffman)

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