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We have never had an easier of a time as this to get the staff of Titel (that’s HS, HSbSL, RC, CR) to respond to a request – ever. Dare we say  it brought us all just a little closer together even though we know that the coming six weeks will be full of scornful response and unsettlingly gestures of hate?

The point is, the World Cup is a binding element that allows for many to understand one another through a device as simple as a ball or as complex as a prediction bracket. Call it what you want, but it is a true fever that captivates just about the entire globe. Yes, even in the United States, the last village of unconquered converters are seeing the mission style ad campaigns that have flooded our TVs, including the NBA finals. ESPN is betting the farm on this one in the USA (going to lengths to compete against UNIVISION’s Spanish language coverage by converting ESPN Deportes to Portuguese commentators – massive respect). This is the biggest World Cup yet and first truly “socially connected” tournament.

Below, are some predictions and thoughts on the South Africa Cup by our writers and editors. The elusive, David Fischer of Highsnobiety fame, even chimes in with his thoughts. Much respect to all Nations playing over these next weeks.

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Tim Brodhagen (central defender, Radcollector)

I don’t give a shit about baseball, basketball, or American football even in the least but I love real football! The notion that the entire world, literally from street orphans to billionaire tycoons all freak out over this month of competition every four years blows my mind. I’m going to enjoy watching Clint Dempsey and Co blast England out of the water on opening weekend and of course seeing the seleção canarinho take their 6th World Cup. Vai Brasil!

Jason Dike (left forward, Selectism)

First things first – USA won’t beat England. No way, no how. Don’t let an overexcited local media fool you, USA have as much chance of beating England as any of England’s warm-up opponents did. Which is, in the words of Jay-Z, zip zero. It’s nice to see the US talk about real football though.

But its sentiments like this make me love the World Cup. Everyone comes in to the cup with hopes equally high and unrealistic – England still talks about 66, despite the fact that half that team has been a long time dead – it’s a common bonding experience for everyone. Even the folks who don’t like football can’t help but be sucked into it all.

There’s also the fact that this tournament is more of a toss up than 2006 as all of the teams tipped to win (Brazil, Argentina, Spain) have downsides that could derail either of them. And there’s always the inevitable ‘English hooligan gets more than he bargained for in Johannnesburg’ story to look forward to.

Peter Williams (goalie, Highsnobiety, Rad Collector columnist)

Nick Schonberger (right back, Curated, Highsnobiety, Selectism)

Nick: Spain to win. Argentina to burn out. They’ll be tired from being allowed the odd shag during the tournament.

Jeff: you can give me a little more than that

Nick: Things I love – crap English songs,  the dashed hopes of the Portuguese, and a month of valid excuses for not speaking to Italian people.

Samia Grand-Pierre (right forward, Highsnobette)

Jeff Carvalho (central midfield, Selectism)

For many year, I used to do my best to attend and be on site for the Euro’s and the World Cup. This year, I am more than happy to be watching one half of it with my friends and loved ones in New England and the other with the Berlin side of Titel. There is something awfully powerful about the games and one of the few things that motivates my time management. I, for one, do not plan on missing a single minute of a match. My dear friend Capo holds the record for most consecutive full World Cup matches viewed on TV. I will beat him. Would hate to see win: Italy, Brasil, England. Would love to see win: USA, Portugale My reality prediction: Argentina if only to allow for Maradona to finally be able to die in peace.

David Fischer (captain, the boss, HS, HSb, SL, RC, CR)

Even though I would never call myself a football fan, there is just no way around a soccer worldcup. It is one of only a very few sports that is pretty much massive all around the world (except for the US of course, but even they are getting there). I love how it is a sport that anybody can pick up if he wants to. You dont need much equipment, you dont need an expensive clib membership, you can just go out to the streets and start playing. That makes for an even chance and that also results in so many great stories, myths and of course in great performance in the sport.

The sport aside for a moment, the fact that it takes place in South Africa is also fantastic. A under developed country is put on the map, gets all the attention for some time and will hopefully get a lot out of it for a successful future.

Football fan or not, you have to take in the coming 6 weeks, get together with friends, celebrate, cry, scream, enjoy and most importantly watch this sport, that manages to unite people like no other.

I cannot really predict the games, for that I do not know enough about the players. But from an amateur point of view, I guess it will be between Spain and Brasil this time.

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