01. Furniture Inspired by Indie Music (Above)

“G. is a furniture project designed, manufactured and sold by GPOD. It is inspired on what Indie represents within the music industry. By remaining independent it conquers the space for pure reflection, and for defining its own set of operating rules – aesthetically and otherwise. Its reflection, more than formal, is mostly about the social and economical aspects surrounding the design industry. It is aimed at understanding quality and the necessary mechanisms to achieve it, as well as how design products become part of everyone’s lives.” (David Report).

02. Jaguar XJ

“With an eye towards sustainability, Jaguar is making a distinct effort to refresh its old English image with the introduction of the 2011 XJ, the luxury carmaker’s flagship model. Constructed from 50 percent recycled aluminum, the XJ is something of a lightweight compared to previous iterations. Its riveted and glue-bonded unibody—derived from aerospace technology—makes for a lighter weight skin than steel without compromising safety, increasing the vehicle’s efficiency tenfold. The use of aluminum saves six tons of carbon per vehicle over its lifetime.” (Cool Hunting).

03. Fair report: new showcase +20 Egypt Design, Cairo

“Of all the recent additions to our fair calendar this year, we didn’t expect to see an Egyptian design event coming. Last week, the ‘City of a Thousand Minarets’ made its international debut with +20 Egypt Design, a new showcase being held over the next five years, thus named for the country’s calling code.” (Wallpaper*).

04. As Tough As It Gets: George “Elbows” McFadden In 1899

“When George McFadden passed away on May the 6th, 1951 Nat Fleischer, writing in Ring magazine, called him “a champion in any other era”. And that was pretty much it for George. Nobody has really had very much to say about this pioneering lightweight since his death. But in 1899, “Elbows” McFadden matched a true ring legend no less than three times – all over the scheduled distance of 25 rounds. These three duels, separated as they were by only a little more than six months, should be enough to seal his place in ring lore, but McFadden also found time to match the two other outstanding lightweights of perhaps the greatest era in the history of arguably the deepest division of all, champions Kid Lavigne and Frank Erne.” (Eastside Boxing).

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