Beau Colburn does Thursdays…

01. Isner beats Mahut in epic 11-hour match

“The first-round marathon took 11 hours, 5 minutes over three days, lasting so long it was suspended because of darkness — two nights in a row. Play resumed Thursday at 59-all before an overflow crowd on cozy Court 18 and continued for 20 games and 65 minutes before Isner won.”(espn)

02. Collective Nouns Illustrated (Above)

“Back in March we teamed up with the Owl and Lion gallery and the West Port Book Festival, challenging you to illustrate your choice of collective noun from the index. We were thrilled with the response. Artists and illustrators from all round the world expressed their interest.” (allsorts)

03. Wow: Original Pac-Man sketches shown by creator

“This is a true artifact of gaming history. The notebook of Toru Iwatani, creator of Pac-Man, complete with sketched-out pixel art, prototype mazes, and ghost movements. My god! Remember when you could sketch out an entire game on a page of graph paper?” (crunchgear)

04. Argentina’s Weird, Awesome “National Sport”

“El futbol might be Argentina’s national obsession, highest-profile export business, and, with Maradona in charge of the national team, most frequent cause of mass outrage. However, officially the country’s national sport is something else entirely: pato, a bizarre amalgam of polo, basketball, and soccer played on horseback. Soccer may rule the nation’s sporting passions, but pato enjoys honorary official-sport status.”
(good )

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