A new coffee book has landed on the market for those who love the beauty of waterfront cottages and cabins – specifically on the Great Lakes: Lakeside Living by Linda Leigh Paul, who happens to be a specialist on the subject. “The lakeside home represents its owner’s love for the outdoors and passion for life on the water. Houses by the lake are designed to maximize the flow of air, the use of sunlight, and the views of the landscape. These Great Lakes homes range in style from converted barns and Prairie Style houses to modernist inspired dwellings but each is always a reflection of the style, taste and interests of their owners. The houses featured here illustrate an experimentation with materials and an economy of design. Residences are designed to be practical-many can “close up” during adventures in the out-of-doors and travels-and they exhibit an open-minded style in which to live. Great Lakes houses are modern yet sufficiently warm and inviting to provide comfort for life here. Capturing the universal desire to live on the water, the book will speak to waterside homeowners everywhere, and especially to residents of the seven U.S. states and two Canadian provinces that border the Great Lakes. With more than 250 images, Lakeside Living is a book for all those who yearn for a life at the water’s edge.”

Available now from Amazon.

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