Sinn watches have been on the Selectism radar for some time due to the apparent love of the German make by friends in the industry. While in Berlin this week, we received word that Sinn had completed a short run of custom “U2” watches for the local Solebox shop. It is fantastic.

“The diving watch U2 is a professional mission timer which uses genuine German submarine steel, a material with extreme seawater resistance and the highest level of non-magnetic properties…The watch is packed with functionality and will come with a silicone strap, as well as an olive Zulu canvas strap.”

Only 10 units of the Sinn U2 Watch by Solebox are being produced. They go on sale on July 17th for just under 3000 euros. My bank account is about to be emptied.

More looks at the Sinn U2 Watch for Solebox, Berlin after the click.

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