01. The Team Who Made Old Spice Smell Good Again Reveals What’s Behind Mustafa’s Towel

“Real time is what drives the Internet. New news is what everyone wants to get a hold of. Everyone is a publisher in their own way. Everyone wants to be tweeting or blogging about something that they are first to be in on. What we’ve done here is blur the lines between things that people don’t expect to be able to be done in real time.” (fast company)

02. 18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site

“By Wednesday, the outlines made it plain: a 30-foot length of a wood-hulled vessel had been discovered about 20 to 30 feet below street level on the World Trade Center site, the first such large-scale archaeological find along the Manhattan waterfront since 1982, when an 18th-century cargo ship came to light at 175 Water Street.” (nyt)

03. Etapes: Non-Format (above)

“Doing something for music is a special challenge.  When you work for advertising or for selling another product, it’s much more about conveying a specific message about the product whereas with music, even for a known band, it’s new music, and so you are just giving it a visual companion. It’s more about being expressive.” (etapes)

04. Eating The Street

“Although Mexico City has always had a tradition of street food, as well as a climate that permits year-round outdoor life, Janet Long’s statistics show that the number of vendors has more-or-less tripled in the past decade. The reasons behind that expansion reveal a fascinating blend of socio-economic, political, and infrastructural forces that shape the D.F.’s landscape of mobile dining.”

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