01. Mary Anne Hobbs To Leave Radio 1

“‘In a statement published on her Myspace page, she said the following:.. ‘My current Experimental show is in peak condition, it’s never been stronger. And although it’s a very emotional decision to leave the show that I love so much, it’s also an optimum moment to bow out, at the very top of my game.’ ” (thequietus)

02. Jónsi Sets [2nd] U.S. Tour

“Sigur Rós lead wailer Jónsi is currently touring behind his overflowing solo bow, Go, and he’s lined up a last round of U.S. dates for this fall starting in October.” (pitchfork)

03. Fucked Up – “Year Of The Ox” (Feat. Zola Jesus)

“Fucked Up record songs base on the Chinese Zodiac (and, as we mentioned, often for charities). “Year Of the Ox” celebrates the one that just passed (we’re in a tiger year now), and features Zola Jesus’s Nika Roza Danilova (we talked “Sea Talk” earlier today). The song is 13 minutes long, so you’ll have to be patient to hear her contribution.” (stereogum)

04. Best Album Art of All Time, Readers’ Choice Edition

“So, being the democratic crowdsourcing technophiles that we are, we’re serving up a healthy sampling of your choices for best album art of all time in the gallery below.” (wired)

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