01. Barney Bubbles’ work celebrated in London Design Festival exhibition (Pictured above)

‘The work of the late Barney Bubbles is to be celebrated in PROCESS, an exhibition taking place in September as part of the London Design Festival.’ (Fact)

02. Arcade Fire’s live webcast to be directed by Terry Gilliam

‘Arcade Fire have announced that the online stream of their show at New York’s Madison Square Garden will be directed by Terry Gilliam, reports The Associated Press.’ (NME)

03. Mike Leigh attacks UK Film Council axe decision

‘The Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s decision to axe the UK Film Council is “totally out of order”, according to film-maker Mike Leigh.’ (BBC)

04. Happy Birthday! Delonte West’s Craziest Moments

‘Birthdays are the one day out of the year where everyone has the right to do crazy shit without any regrets. For Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West, that kind of fuckery can go down whenever, not just his born day—dude’s done everything from (allegedly!) smashing  LeBron’s mom, riding his three-wheeler packing an arsenal in a guitar case, and even spittin’ hot bars in the KFC drive-thru. So, in celebration of his 27th b-day here are Delonte West’s craziest moments…’ (Complex)

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