Our man Beau selects the links on Thursday.

01. Miniature Graffiti (above)

“The stop-motion short offers a dollhouse-size representation of a typical hour on the Tumblingerstraße, a legally graffiti-friendly street in Munich.” (nymag)

02. London’s Ping Pong Revolution

“The current epicenter of this “ping pong revolution” seems to be London, where England’s national table tennis association has installed 100 public tables around the city for a month-long summer pong blitz. The tables are available for free pick-up games, as well as scheduled classes with ping-pong aces.” (good)

03. Manufacturing The Coffee Culture

“For the coffee industry to survive, it needed a new marketing strategy. Kenneth Roman, Jr., the president of Ogilvy and Mather, one of the PR firms that supported Maxwell House, made a suggestion: emphasize quality, value, and image by creating segmented products to increase appeal .” (anthropology in practice)

04. Arcade Fire on Recording ‘The Suburbs’

“Butler also revealed that after the album’s 16 songs were recorded and mixed, “We actually cut each song to a 12-inch [vinyl disk], then used that for the final digital master. For every song on the record, there is a 12-inch disk that we played back into the computer. It’s like a photograph of the vinyl.”” (rolling stone)

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