Running through January 2, 2011, How We Roll documents an often underdeveloped, yet important, story in the history of Skateboarding.

The California African American Museum presents How We Roll a unique story featuring four decades of skateboarding legends starting with the birth of surfing, the influence of roller skating and its evolution into the dynamic sport we have today. How We Roll takes the viewer through an historical step by step fantastic voyage of how side walk surfing turned into four decades of a cultural revolution that has influenced every corner of popular culture from music to fashion to lucrative entrepreneurial opportunities and even the green movement. Come experience history through exciting art expressions – large scale installations in the courtyard, high-energy skate footage in the black box skate theater, videos, dramatic photographs showcasing xtreme abilities, paintings, sculpture, music and much more. Some of the featured skaters are: Ray Barbee, Chuck Treece, Steve Steadham, Chris Pastras, Atiba Jefferson, Pep Williams, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy, Shuriken Shannon and the pioneering Stephanie Person, who was the first black female skater and one of few female professional vert female skaters in the 80s and 90s.

Don’t miss it should you find yourself in Los Angeles.

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