01. Doc Marten USB drive makes puppies look skinny, gristle throb

“We’ve all been there: hands punched violently into pockets, conspicuously affected by the visceral industrial hum of big city decay. If only we had this $25 limited edition 50th anniversary 2GB “stomper” USB drive to complete our ensemble. Who knows, in the right hands it might have helped Jesus build a hotrod.” (engadget)

02. Russia is Still on Fire

“Russia is still on fire! People still do not get any positive forecasts and can hope only for God.” (englishrussia)

03. Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine (above)

“Michael “Bing” Yingling just published a wonderful search engine for the entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes.” (coudal)

04. Kenk: graphic novel humanizes Toronto’s most notorious bike-thief without apologising for him

“Richard Poplak and Nick Marinkovich’s Kenk: A Graphic Portrait is a journalistic inquiry into the life of Igor Kenk, Toronto’s notorious stolen bike peddler, told in comic form.” (boingboing)

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