01.The New Been Had King Jose Hustle “Been Had Polo” young dro diss (above)

He’s been had Polo. The big ponies too.

02. Grace Coddington Is Working on a Memoir

“Vogue creative director Grace Coddington is riding out her September Issue movie fame with a new project that is much classier than reality TV. ” (The Cut)

03. C.O.E Interview, Sergei Sviatchenko: The Close Up & Private Paintings

“The beauty of contemporary style is interpreted in a different form, inviting us to consider the intricacies of fashion from an alternative medium.” (Components of Enthusiasm)

04. My Favourite Things #39

“Back on the topic of fake heritage, this is, of course, my fake Mao suit. It’s a style I have always liked but I doubt I could ever wear.” (This is Naive)

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